Energy and change!


Li isto e fiquei a pensar:

«We are so often disconnected from our own energy, disconnected from life.
Energy is something we are born with, our true nature. When we are young, we have an abundance of energy. We are in constant motion, a state of ease and flow. But over time, we’re trained to be lethargic and sit still—hunched over desks, sitting in cars and shutting down our mind and emotions. 
It’s no wonder why so many of us feel unmotivated and stuck in our lives.
The good news is maybe we aren’t stuck, maybe its just our energy.
Because when we start to change the flow of our energy, we can change the direction of our lives.»
Author: Aron Stein

Pumbas! É isso mesmo, uma questão de energia e de mudança.


2 comentários:

gralha disse...

Agora imagina lá que nunca perdes essa energia da infância e mesmo assim obrigam-te a passar 7 horas por dia numa secretária :'(

Ana. disse...

verdade, gralha!